Students are the future of the linguistics profession. Whether you are a high school student interested in the Linguistics Olympiad, an undergraduate considering a degree in linguistics, a senior looking for the right graduate program in linguistics, a graduate student seeking to pursue a faculty position, or to bring their linguistics expertise to industry, or even a life-long learner, the LSA has a variety of resources and services for you.

The LSA's work on issues affecting students is conducted primarily through its Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (COSIAC). The committee organizes a variety of programs and activities for students, many of which are held at the LSA Annual Meeting:

  • The Student Lounge provides a dedicated, refreshment-stocked area where students may congregate, participate in professional development activities, or just relax.
  • The Graduate Student Panel provides critical, practical advice from their peers and professional advisors.
  • The Student Mixer, held offsite at a local bar, provides an opportunity for students to relax and get to know each other in a less formal setting. 

The Committee is also active in advising the LSA on the development and delivery of other resources for students, such as:

Web-Based Resources:

Students in linguistics