Language unites and divides us. It amuses and mystifies us. We care deeply about it, whether it’s apostrophe abuse, speech discrimination, or the sweetness of a mother tongue.  The LSA's podcast Subtitle tells stories of our obsessions with language, from comedians, writers, and researchers; from speakers of endangered languages; from speakers of multiple languages; from anyone who shares these obsessions. Subtitle aims to make linguistic scholarship accessible to a general audience -- see, for example, the research highlighted in "Words we love to hate," "Is a polyglot's brain different?," and "Did Katrina kill the New Orleans accent?"

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                         Photo: Kirk Chao

Don't miss this chance to delve behind the scenes of this podcast.  Hosts Patrick Cox and Kavita Pillay (pictured at right) will provide a guided tour of how an episode of Subtitle evolves, from genesis through post-production   They'll also take your questions, so come prepared.

The webinar took place on Friday, April 24 from 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST.