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About the LSA

Linguistics News

The LSA Annual Meeting

Linguistic Summer Institute

LSA & NHA: Partners in Advocating for the Humanities

LSA Partnership with Wiki Education Foundation

LSA Accomplishments in 2018

LSA Accomplishments in 2017

LSA Accomplishments in 2016

LSA Accomplishments in 2015

LSA Accomplishments in 2014

Resolutions, Statements, Endorsements, and Related Actions (see particularly the 'English Only' resolution)

LSA's Open Access Content Archive for Language

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Academic and Professional Resources

LSA Resource Hub

LSA Youtube Channel (Links)

Directory of Departments and Programs

Conferences & Calls

Student Issues and Concerns

Abroad Options for Study, Work, and Volunteering

Exclusive LSA Member Benefit: Discounted Access to JSTOR

Data about the Discipline

International Dialencts of English Archive (IDEA)

Grant Database for Linguistics Students (from annual meeting 2017 student panel, comment with edits and new grants)

Student Research Spotlight

LSA Book Exchange

Other Helpful Websites 

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Academic and Professional Development Workshops and Guides 

LSA Paper Guidelines

LSA Poster Guidelines

Abstract Writing: How to Convince in a Page (Webinar video)

How to Submit an Abstract for the LSA Annual Meeting (Webinar Video)

Applying for National Science Foundation (NSF) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (Webinar video)

Building a Web Presence (Presentation Slides)

How to Be a Successful Grad School Applicant (Webinar video)

Imposter Syndrome (Presentation Slides)

Jobs and Interviewing in Linguistics (Webpage)

Linguistics and the News Media: An LSA Guide for Linguists (pdf)

Panel on Careers for Linguists in Industry (Video)

Publishing Workshop (Presentation Slides)

Job Recruitment Webinar sponsored by the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group (Webinar video)

Linguistic Entrepreneurship Webinar sponsored by the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group (Webinar video)

Linguistics Beyond Academia Webinar sponsored by the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group (Webinar video)

Working in Tech - It's Not Just for Computational Linguists sponsored by the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group (Webinar video)

Student Research Spotlight Guidelines

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LSA Policy and Commitments to Social Issues


Ethnic Diversity 

Higher Education 

Women and Gender 

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Topics in Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

Articles in the Domain of Linguistics (Links)

Discourse Analysis - What Speakers Do in Conversation

Endangered Languages

Language and Diversity

Language and Thought

Language and the Brain

Languages in Contact

Language Variation and Change

Linguistics as a Profession

Linguistics in Literature

Machine Translation

Meaning (Semantics and Pragmatics)




The Domain of Linguistics: An Overview

The History of Modern Linguistics

The Science of Linguistics

The Sounds of Speech

What is 'Correct' Language?

What's the Difference between Speech and Writing?

Slips of the Tongue - Windows into the Mind

Studying Linguistics

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FAQ: Bilingualism

FAQ: Does the Language I Speak Influence the Way I Think?

FAQ: How Can I Communicate with a Relative Who's had a Stroke?

FAQ: How Did Language Begin?

FAQ: How Do We Learn Language?

FAQ: How many languages are there in the world?

FAQ: Is English Changing?

FAQ: Linguistics and National Security

FAQ: ¿Qué es la Lengua de Señas?

FAQ: Raising Bilingual Children

FAQ: What is Sign Language?

FAQ: Why Can't Computers Use English?

FAQ: Why Do Some People Have an Accent?

FAQ: Why Major in Linguistics?

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