The LSA is the host of the Semantics Archive, a forum intended for the distribution of papers to natural language semanticists and philosophers of language. The archive was originally created (and maintanined for 18 years) by Chris Baker and Peter Lasersohn with funding from the University of California, San Diego's Academic Senate and was previously hosted by NYU from 2006 to 2018.

The Semantics Archive provides linguists the opportunity to distribute their work to a wider readership and allows for the dissemination of pre-print versions of research papers. For example, if it takes two years or more for a paper to go through the refereeing and publication process, linguists, the journal, and the field will all benefit from making a pre-print version available sooner: wider exposure generates feedback, which improves the quality of the revised paper and generates interest in the published version. You can also find older and out-of-print papers in the Archive, representing a range of current and foundational semantics research. 

Wondering how to get involved, or what paper you should upload?

"But which of my semantics papers should be posted? We get asked this a lot. We can immediately offer two clear guidelines: Don't be shy! People want to read your papers--that's what we do. In particular, we are eager to have posts not only from senior researchers, but also from graduate students. Second: don't worry about taking up space on the server. For now at least, we've got lots of room. We encourage you to post multiple versions (e.g., multiple formats) of works of any length."