In addition to those found in the Bylaws and Constitution, the responsibilities of the Vice President/President-Elect/Past President are outlined below.

The individual elected to these three roles serves a three-year term on the LSA Executive Committee. As an officer of the LSA, this individual serves as a member of the Finance Committee for a three-year term.

The job of President is an honor that brings responsibilities as well. In addition to delivering the Presidential address at the LSA Annual Meeting, there are continuing leadership and governance roles for this individual.

The President serves on the CoCDA (Committee on Committee and Delegate Appointments), and is directly involved in identifying candidates to lead committees, and also in identifying candidates to serve as members of closed committees.

The President serves as the Chair of the Executive Committee, and facilitates all meetings of the Executive Committee (EC). In consultation with the Executive Director, they set the agenda for EC meetings and reviews the minutes. As President, they preside at the Business Meeting held at the LSA Annual Meeting.

There are no specific responsibilities of the vice president, but in recent years, the vice president has often chaired ad hoc committees. The Vice President is also encouraged to attend a Leadership Seminar organized by the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) in September of each year. The seminar, attended with the Executive Director, provides an in-depth orientation to non-profit governance and leadership.

The President maintains regular contact with the Executive Director and the Secretary-Treasurer, devotes considerable attention to LSA communications, and ensures progress on priorities of the Executive Committee, so that time-critical decisions can be made when appropriate. The President may write letters to the membership, as needed.  The president is also asked to personallly sign letters to members/prospective donors to solicit funds for charitable purposes. The president also serves as the host for the LSA Fellows Reception held at the Annual Meeting, which has included the option of making a charitable donation to defray a portion of the expenses.

The Past President serves on the Nominating Committee. The Past President also serves as a resource person for the President, as needed.

After concluding their service, the most recent immediate Past President serves as the Chair of the LSA Awards Committee and presides at the awards ceremony held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

As determined by the Nominating Committee, the ideal characteristics of the LSA President include: someone with a strong reputation as an academic, but also someone who is interested in taking on work and in doing their part to carry forward an agenda that has already been set, while at the same time being able to add something of what they would like to see the LSA be.


Pictured at right, LSA President (2018) Penny Eckert.