6 January 2006: Approved by members attending the 80th Annual Business Meeting, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Albuquerque, NM

Whereas the Linguistic Society of America has been sensitive to labor issues in its selection of annual meeting hotels and vendors for many years; and

Whereas hotel union representation raises wages, supplies benefits, and protects worker dignity, thereby ensuring that economic growth benefits a workforce often composed of people of color, and particularly women of color; and

Whereas the LSA decision to hold meetings in union or non-union hotels strengthens or weakens the ability of these workers and their unions to secure better working conditions and contribute to equitable urban growth;

Therefore be it resolved that the LSA reaffirms its longstanding support of the right of workers to organize by continuing its practice of union preference in negotiating hotel and service contracts for any meetings organized by the LSA;

Therefore be it further resolved that the LSA continues its practice of including labor disputes in the standard escape provision in any LSA contract for annual meeting hotels and meetings.

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