The Linguistic Society of America has provided a forum for a number of presentations, workshops, and resource sessions at both the Annual Meeting and the Summer Linguistic Institute. Below are a number of presentations and handouts on the subject of professional development as well as other non-LSA resources, both divided by stage of career. 


photo (CC) Alan Klim

Graduate School


The Job Market

Professional Development Resources

  • Building a Web Presence (presented by Colin Phillips at the LSA 2015 Summer Institute)
  • Imposter Syndrome (presented by Penny Eckert & Monica Macaulay at the LSA 2015 Summer Institute)
  • CV Design (viewable to LSA Members only; presented by Beth Levin at the LSA 2015 Summer Institute)
  • LSA Member Spotlight (get a closer look at linguists in & outside of academia)

Toward Tenure

Jobs Outside of Academia

Women in the Field

Other Resources for Linguists

Also consider joining a number of LSA committees relating to professional development in Linguistics, such as the Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance (WILMA) or Student Issue and Concerns (COSIAC).