This page includes information about the LSA podcast Subtitle, podcasts by LSA members, and other podcasts related to Language and Linguistics.

LSA Podcast: Subtitle

Subtitle is the official podcast of the LSA. Please visit the Subtitle webpage to review a list of episodes and related information. 

Podcasts by LSA Members

A Way with Words

  • Website: 

  • Hosts: LSA members Grant Barrett and Rachel Elizabeth Weissler, and also Martha Barnette, Stefanie Levine, John Chaneski, and Tim Felten

Field Notes

Lexicon Valley


Our Spectacular Vernacular

Vocal Fries

Other Linguistics Podcasts



Lexicon Valley

Science Diction

Word Matters


Please note: these listings are for information purposes and not endorsements. The LSA is not responsible for the content of these podcasts. Comments or concerns should be directed to the producers.