The LSA maintains this list of Media Experts on a broad range of topics relating to linguistics and the scientific study of language. All of the linguists listed have agreed to serve as expert spokespersons in their area of scholarly research. . Those listed are not representatives or spokespersons for the LSA, nor are they authorized to speak on behalf of the LSA about the Society’s collective views, positions, statements or other actions. Any views expressed by those listed are their own and should not be attributed to the LSA.

Members of the news media are invited to contact these linguists directly for inquiries about news stories relating to any issue listed below.

If a topic of potential interest for a news story is not listed below, or if any expert does not respond to a media inquiry within the necessary timeframe, please contact LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed for assistance. 

Linguists who wish to be listed as an expert should contact LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed. All experts listed have been recommended by the LSA Public Relations Committee, and approved by the LSA Executive Committee. The LSA is currently working to develop formal criteria for evaluating these recommendations, to ensure that a diverse range of expertise is available via this resource for journalists.



Computational Linguistics: Language as Big Data/Language and Computers/Computer Languages

Psycholinguistics/Neurolinguistics: Language Processing/Language Comprehension, Language and the Brain

Phonetics & Phonology: The Sounds of Language/Pronunciation

Syntax: Grammar

Morphology: How Words Are Put Together/The Shape of Words/How Words are Made

Semantics/Pragmatics: The Meanings of Words, Phrases, and Sentences/The Uses of Language


Etymologies/Word Histories

Language Change/The History of Languages/How Languages Differ/Comparing Languages

First Language Acquisition: How Children Learn Language/Kid's Language/Parent-Child Communication

Learning a Second Language


Language in Society/Language in Social Groups

African American Language

Language and Culture/How Cultures Differ/Cross-Cultural Communication

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Pidgins and Creoles

Signed Languages

Prescriptivism: "Right and Wrong" in Language

Language Description & Documentation/Saving Endangered Languages

Discourse/Text Linguistics: Conversation/Language in Everyday life/Communication with Computer Tech (twitter, emojis, etc.)

Educational Linguistics

Language and the Law/Forensic Linguistics