The LSA is working to faciilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion in linguistics hiring practices. This effort, spearheaded by the LSA’s Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics (CEDL), the Curriculum Vitae Database Project assists search committees with identifying a diverse pool of linguists as prospective candidates for job openings at their home institutions.

Two options are available for searching the membership directory  The basic option is available as a complimentary benefit of LSA membership, while the premium option expands the efficiency and scope of the outreach for a nominal fee and is available to those who are not LSA members.   Please read below for more information.

The Basic Option:  LSA Membership Directory Search

This option is available to any individual with a current LSA membership.  

  1. Log in to the LSA website.  Contact the LSA at  [email protected] or call 202-835-1714 if you need assistance logging in.
  2. Click on the “Edit” tab below your name.
  3. Review the guidelines for using the LSA membership directory.
  4. Access the Membership Directory.
  5. Search for the demographic or other information you are looking for using the appropriate dropdown menu.  Select one or more items by holding down the CTRL key (PC) or Command key (Mac) and selecting all the item(s) you wish to include.  
  6. Click the red “Search” button.  Member records will be returned below the membership directory search panel.  You can click on individual member names to view more about the member.
  7. Please note: Only the records of those who have chosen to make their information visible to other members will be returned as part of your search results. To learn more about promoting your search to LSA members who wish to keep their records confidential, please explore the “premium” option outlined below.





The Premium Option:  Staff-Assisted Search

This option is available, for a nominal fee of $120, to search committees and other hiring entities.  It has the following advantages:

  • SPEED:  Staff-assisted searches of the directory can be performed rapidly and efficiently.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Staff-assisted searches can target multiple demographic and other information (for example, Ph.D. students who have identified as African American and have an expected degree completion year of 2022). Note that not all demographic characteristics are searchable by individual members.
  • REACH:  The LSA will never share the demographic or other information of members who have requested that it not be shared, but a staff-assisted search can reach out to them on your behalf, in addition to providing information on members who have opted in to sharing their information.
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY:  The $120 fee for this type of search includes a complimentary listing in the LSA’s Jobs Center, which itself includes a complimentary mention on the LSA’s Facebook page (45,000 followers) and Twitter feed (25,000 followers).

To inquire about a Staff-assisted search of the LSA member directory, please contact [email protected].