The complete run of the LSA Bulletin is now available via JSTOR. From 1926 to 1969, the Bulletin was published in conjunction with Language, the scholarly journal of the LSA. From 1970 - 2005, it was published as a free-standing newsletter. In 2000, it became available in both print and electronic versions. In 2006, it ceased print publication and was disseminated electronically.

The LSA Bulletin was supplanted in 2010 by the online LSA Update.

The electronic issues are available below:

2009- Winter, Summer

2008- March June,October

2006- March, June, October

2005- MarchJune, OctoberDecember

2004- March, June, October December

2003- March, June October, December

2002- March, JuneOctober, December

2001- March, June, October, December

2000- October, December