This post was republished and archived on June 28, 2017.

Q: What has the LSA done for linguists lately? A: Lots! 

In 2013, the LSA…

Launched a major expansion of its flagship journal, Language, to include new sections focused on: Teaching Linguistics, Historical Syntax, Phonological Analysis, Public Policy, and Perspectives.

Elevated Semantics & Pragmatics as a free-standing, platinum open-access journal of the LSA.

Co-sponsored the biennial Linguistic Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan, providing major financial and in-kind support, including direct grants for the three named professorships, and fellowships for 85 students.

Issued a series of news releases about the latest research published in its journals and presented at its Annual Meeting, garnering significant coverage in prominent international media outlets, such as the New York Times, the BBC, The Guardian, The Associate Press (AP), the Huffington Post, and NPR.

Completed major upgrades to its online Directory of Linguistics Departments & Programs.

Gathered data for the first-ever LSA Annual Report on the Status of Linguistics in Higher Education.

Defended linguistics departments and programs against threats of cuts or elimination.

Adopted a new open access policy for all content published in Language.

Pursued a national policy agenda to facilitate the efforts of linguists and other scientists working to benefit society, including continued federal funding for linguistics research.

Enhanced the online Jobs Center to improve functionality and expand content resources.

Expanded the curriculum and course materials available in its online Linguistic Academic Depository, which is a searchable clearinghouse of digital resources.

Launched an LSA YouTube channel, featuring videos from the 2013 Linguistic Institute and other materials aimed at a broader audience.

Collaborated with the organizers of CoLang and the Linguistics Olympiad to become a co-sponsor of those events, including financial support for student participation.

Published a two-volume online Anthology of the best articles appearing in Language from 1925 to 1985.

Provided financial assistance and in-kind support for linguists seeking to attend the LSA Annual Meeting and access LSA publications.

Awarded travel grants to five student linguists under the auspices of the LSA’s Committee on Ethnic Diversity.

Provided a new home for WILMA, the online mentoring database for women in linguistics.

Represented linguists at national and international meetings of colleague organizations and through participation in coalitions and consortia working to advance science, the humanities, and higher education.