This guide is intended to be a resource for linguists who wish to pursue a proactive approach to garnering press coverage for linguistics or who may be approached by a journalist for comment in advance of a news story. The guide was prepared in consultation with linguists who have considerable experience on “both sides of the microphone.” That is, it was informed by linguists with academic credentials who have worked as journalists, bloggers, and public relations professionals, as well as by linguists who have extensive experience in responding to inquiries from journalists and in explaining their research to a lay audience. 

The goal of this guide is to help linguists overcome any concerns they might have about taking on this role, and to demonstrate how engaging with the news media about linguistics research can be both enjoyable and career-enhancing, while also advancing the field and profession. It aims to give a clear outline of the expectations of journalists who contact linguists and to give some practical strategies for becoming an effective communicator in this context. Some of the advice in this guide will be relevant to all researchers; however, it is particularly aimed at those in the field of linguistics.