In light of the challenges to teaching that Linguistics instructors across the country (and elsewhere) are all currently facing and expect to face in the longer term, the LSA has initiated an effort to develop a curated repository of audio-visual materials on a range of topics that are central to introductory, intermediate, or advanced curricula in Linguistics programs. We envision that this repository will contain materials from linguistics faculty teaching both introductory and advanced courses in their specializations.

The goal is to build an archive of pre-recorded videos, with or without accompanying slides, which provide succinct presentations of topics that could be used to supplement online instructional materials, such as introductions to central questions, methods or data in a particular sub eld, explanations of key theoretical concepts, descriptions of specific empirical phenomena, historical overviews of developments within a sub-field or program of research, summaries of the main points and arguments of specific pieces of literature, and so forth.

These submissions are intended to be publicly presented on the LSA Youtube channel at:

We invite submissions from Linguistics instructors all over.

The current team of linguists handling submissions are: