“Pop-up Mentoring”, organized by the LSA Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics (COSWL), is a new mentorship program being piloted at several conferences in Spring 2018. In brief, these will be 2-hour events in which anyone who wants mentoring on a variety of topics can connect with established people in the field for help. There are just a few ground rules:

  1. This is a one-time session (i.e., the mentor is not signing on for a longer-term mentoring relationship);
  2. The mentee should come with a specific question or two to guide the session and make the most of it;
  3. The mentee should send the mentor some information about themselves and their question(s) ahead of time, but not expect that the mentor will have read this information prior to the meeting.

Please visit the Pop-up Mentoring page for information on upcoming conferences which will host a pop-up mentoring event and to sign up to be either a mentor or mentee. Everyone is welcome to participate!