Volume 1 (1925–1955)      Volume 2 (1956–1985)      Volume 3 (1986–2015; forthcoming)


The Best of Language is a three-volume compilation of the best articles published in the Language, the Journal of the Linguistic Society of America. Language has been published continuously since 1925, and in that long history there are a number of influential, controversial, or otherwise interesting articles. Volume 1 (1925-1955) collects a select number of those articles published from 1925–1955. Future volumes are planned to contain selections from later years. 

Bloomfield, Leonard. 1925. Why a linguistic society? Lg. 1:1-5.

Bloomfield, Leonard. 1926. A set of postulates for linguistics as a science. Lg. 2:153-164.

Bloomfield, Leonard. 1928. Note on sound change. Lg. 4:99-100.

Sapir, Edward. 1925. Sound patterns in language. Lg. 1:37-51.

Boas, Franz. 1929. Classification of American Indian languages. Lg. 5:1-7.

Morris Swadesh. 1934. The phonemic principle. Lg. 10:117-129.

Hockett, Charles F. 1942. A system of descriptive phonology. Lg. 18:3-21.

Wells, Rulon. 1947. Immediate constituents. Lg. 23:81-117.

Bloch, Bernard. 1948. A set of postulates for phonemic analysis. Lg. 24:3-46.

Bloch, Bernard. 1949. Obituary of Leonard Bloomfield. Lg. 25:87-98.

Nida, Eugene. 1948. Identification of morphemes. Lg. 24:414-441.

Hall, Robert A., Jr. 1950. The reconstruction of Proto-Romance. Lg. 26:6-27.

Haugen, Einar. 1950. The analysis of linguistic borrowing. Lg. 26:210-231.

Hoenigswald, Henry M. 1950. The principal step in comparative grammar. Lg. 26:357-364.

Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua. 1954. Logical syntax and semantics. Lg. 30:230-237.

Harris, Zellig. 1946. From morpheme to utterance. Lg. 22:161-183.

Harris, Zellig. 1955. From phoneme to morpheme. Lg. 31:190-222.