An article entitled "The Field of Linguistics" was first published by the Linguistic Society of America in 1982. Facilitated by a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, it was written to explain the discipline to the general public. A new edition was edited by Geoffrey Nunberg and Thomas Wasow in 1997. The plan is to update this page periodically and to expand the coverage of areas. If you are interested in updating an article, or writing a new one, please contact the LSA by clicking here.

An Overview by G. Nunberg/T. Wasow
Applied Linguistics by G. R. Tucker
Computers and Language by J. Hobbs
Discourse Analysis by D. Tannen
Endangered Languages by A. Woodbury
Grammar by S. Chung/G. Pullum
History of Modern Linguistics by F. Newmeyer
Language and the Brain by S. Crain
Linguistics and Literature by D. Freeman
Language and Thought by D. Slobin
Language Diversity by B. Comrie
Languages in Contact by D. Winford
Language Variation and Change by S. Thomason
What is 'Correct' Language?: Prescriptivism by E. Finegan
Machine Translation by M. Kay
Meaning (Pragmatics & Semantics) by W. Ladusaw
Multilingualism by G. Valdés
Neurolinguistics by L. Menn 
Slips of the Tongue: Windows to the Mind by V. Fromkin
Sociolinguistics by W. Wolfram
The Sounds of Speech by M. Halle 
Writing by W. Bright