Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student (or no longer a student at all), going abroad brings multiple valuable opportunities to advance your education and career. 

Check out the following starter packs of resources identified by the Center for School, College & Career Resources (CSCCR) for our LSA members:

Going Global: A College Student's Road Map to Studying Abroad

Includes information on:

  • Popular study abroad destinations
  • Studying abroad: Subject areas and program types
  • Interview with a participant in global entrepreneurship
  • Tools for choosing the right program and location
  • Finding student housing
  • Costs and financial planning resources
  • Travel and safety tips

See also Student's Guide to Studying Abroad for similar tips and resources from a alternative source

The Expert Guide to Graduate School Abroad 

Includes information on:

  • Turn your study abroad dream into a reality
  • 10 expert tips for selecting a graduate school abroad
  • Insiders share 10 ways studying abroad will change your life
  • Learning curve: Challenges of culture and learning abroad
  • Scholarships, grants & fellowships
  • Cost comparisons
  • Chronological planning check-list
  • Housing options

A Guide to Internships: Finding Hands-On Experience Locally & Abroad

Includes information on:

  • How internships benefit careers
  • Internship advice resources
  • What internship works for you?
  • How to get your dream internship
  • Internship search resources
  • How to find international internships
  • What to know before you go
  • FAQ about internships
  • Ask the internship expert (interview)

Branching Out: Volunteering & Internships Abroad 

Includes information on:

  • The top 10 reasons to volunteer or intern abroad
  • Intern vs. volunteer vs. study abroad: What's the difference?
  • Make it happen: Steps to volunteer or intern abroad
  • Abroad budgeting calculator
  • Resources for finding the right abroad experiences
  • Funding and tips for making your trip affordable
  • Spotlight opportunities
  • Tips on choosing the right volunteer or intern abroad experience
  • Interview with an intern/volunteer abroad veteran

LSA resources:

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