A Resolution expresses the sense of the Linguistic Society of America on some matter of public importance. In general, LSA Resolutions relate to topics on which linguists have some relevant professional expertise. Find out more about proposing an LSA resolution.


The LSA has developed a series of formal statements pertaining to such matters as Ethics, Language Rights, and Sexual Harassment. Proposed statements should originate with an LSA committee, special interest group or member of the EC. Feedback on draft proposals for new position statements should be sought from the entire LSA membership via the website/e-mail. Once a committee has prepared a final draft, it should be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.


As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization, the LSA does not endorse political candidates or parties. The LSA does endorse non-partisan efforts to educate and inform the public and policy leaders regarding the role of language, linguistics and related matters. This includes co-signing letters to public officials. A request for endorsement shall be referred to the Secretary-Treasurer for preliminary review. Should s/he determine it is consistent with the LSA's mission, goals and objectives, s/he will refer the request to any relevant committee chairs for timely review. In most cases, this will involve the Committee on Public Policy (or its successor). If those consulted support the endorsement, it shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Time-sensitive requests may be considered under expedited review. Ordinarily this will require about one week.

Participation in Coalitions

Invitations to join coalitions are subject to review and approval by the Executive Committee (EC). The goals of any coalition must be consistent with those of the LSA. If coalition membership is approved, a delegate, liaison or staff member will be assigned to represent the LSA before this body. If participation requires a financial contribution, it is subject to annual review and approval by the EC as part of the budget process. Once the LSA joins a coalition, any collective actions of the coalition are deemed to be consistent with the positions of the LSA unless explicitly disavowed.


Invitations to co-sponsor events (such as Institutes, workshops, scholarly competitions, etc) are subject to approval by the Executive Committee. The goals of any event must be consistent with those of the LSA. Those seeking sponsorship should submit a brief proposal outlining the goals and objectives of the event in question, and any monetary considerations associated with sponsoring the event.

Any of the above actions shall be reported to the membership and publicized externally as appropriate.

If there is an issue or concern that you would like to bring before the LSA Executive Committee or the LSA membership that does not seem to clearly fit into any of the above categories, please contact the Secretariat for assistance in determining the best way to address it.