For Linguists

The LSA's "Linguistics Beyond Academia" Special Interest Group has conducted a professional development webinar exploring the career paths of three intrepid linguists.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) offers several funding mechanisms that support graduate student research. In this webinar, we presented an overview of the Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (DDRIG) offered by programs in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate at NSF, focusing on Linguistics, Documenting Endangered Languages and Cultural Anthropology.
Everyone wants their work to be read, cited, and shared. With the proliferation of paper sharing sites and resources, how do you know where to start and which ones are the best? And what do you need to know about copyright to avoid those take-down notices? Lauren B.
February 2, 2018 webinar on applying for NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants. Featuring Colleen Fitzgerald, National Science Foundation, and successful faculty mentor and student applicants Jeff Good (University at Buffalo) and Megan Figueroa (University of Arizona). Webinar on NSF DDRIG Video
The process of journal publication can appear mysterious and can be difficult to navigate, both for those new to academic publication and often even for experienced researchers. This webinar is designed to demystify journal publication.
The intersection between linguistics and public policy is manifold. There are at least three corners of the intersection: