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The Linguistic Academic Depository (LAD) is a site for linguists to share teaching materials. Members of the LSA can deposit or download syllabi, exercises, handouts, and other pedagogical documents.
22 December: Rochester Professor to Serve as Editor of Prestigious International Journal22 December: NSF Leader to Serve as Vice President of Linguistic Society22 December: 
Survival Skills At several LSA Summer Linguistic Institutes, COSWL sponsored weekly "Survival Skills in Academia" workshops.
From promoting scientific research funding to supporting multilingual education, the LSA is active in a broad range of policy issues affecting language and linguistics. Our work is focused in four main areas:
Language now makes available two electronic indices to its contents, both of which are given below. Each one offers, for a different time period, an alphabetical listing of all titles and authors of articles, notes, reviews, and books reviewed to be found in the pages of the journal.