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The LSA is active in addressing a range of issues affecting women, including those facing the linguistics workforce, but also those affecting users of language.
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The Society commissioned a suite of activities to mark the 90th anniversary of its founding, including symposia on changes in the field since 1924 and the history of the LSA.  The Society also commissioned a special video presentation to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the LSA.  The video was premiered at the January 2014 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. 
The Linguistic Society of America YouTube Channel contains videos from past Linguistic Institutes and the LSA Video Archive. Please visit our YouTube channel at:
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At present, academic jobs are scarce and they are likely to remain scarce for the remainder of the decade. On top of this, some people think that linguistics has been hit particularly hard. Getting even one job offer these days is an achievement. Do not allow academic elitism to deter you from taking a job that you feel fairly good about, or to make you dissatisfied with such a job.