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The Linguistic Society of America is an organization dedicated to advancing the scientific study of language. Find out more about what the LSA does and what linguistics is.
The LSA Directory of Linguistics Departments and Programs is a searchable database users can explore to find out more about linguistics and linguistics-related departments and programs at universities and colleges, primarily in North America. This directory is especially recommended for those seeking information about graduate degrees in linguistics.
Our Annual Meeting panel on "Linguists In Industry", featuring linguists from Google, Microsoft and other leading companies, has been posted online. LSA members (login required) can watch the panel at
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In 2014, the LSA continued its ongoing programs and services to fulfill its mission: to advance the scientific study of language. Highlights of new and expanded activities are outlined below:
The Linguistic Society of America YouTube Channel contains videos from past Linguistic Institutes and the LSA Video Archive. Please visit our YouTube channel at: