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Data on Women in Linguistics (COSWL survey - this committee is now known as COGEL) 1976-2008 (PDF) Number of Doctorate Recipients in Linguistics, by Institution, 1958-2002 (PDF)
December: Linguists to Gather in Baltimore for National Conference1 June: Linguists Grapple with Professional Ethics
by Geoff Nunberg and Tom Wasow An Example of Language Use Pat: Why did the chicken cross the road? Chris: I give up. Pat: To get to the other side. Most of us heard this joke when we were small children and find nothing remarkable in the ability to engage in such exchanges. But a bit of reflection reveals that even such a mundane use of language involves an amazing combination of abilities.
December: Linguists to Gather in Pittsburgh for National Conference10 December: Sign Languages help us understand the nature of metaphors18 October: 
The LSA is working to increase public awareness of the kind of work that linguists do. Accordingly, a media advisory (PDF) is prepared every year to inform the news media of content at the Annual Meeting that may be of interest to them.
23 December: Linguists to Gather in Portland for National Conference10 December: Survival of the Fittest: Linguistic Evolution in Practice1 September: