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The Expressive Side of Language Sapir Professor: Penelope Eckert, Stanford University Date: 7/18/2017 2017 Linguistic Institute Public Lecture
Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student (or no longer a student at all), going abroad brings multiple valuable opportunities to advance your education and career.  Check out the following starter packs of resources identified by the Center for School, College & Career Resources (CSCCR) for our LSA members:
Lexical and grammatical factors in sound change: A usage-based approach Collitz Professor: Joan Bybee, University of New Mexico Date: 8/1/2017
Are you about to receive, or have you recently been awarded, a Ph.D?  Are you interested in independent, advanced training under the direction of a sponsor?  Looking to launch a career in academia, industry, the private sector, or government?  Then the LSA's August 6 webinar on "Applying for NSF Postdoctroral Research Fellowships" will be of interest!
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Are you a new student in linguistics?  First-timer at the LSA Annual Meeting?  Wondering how to present a successful abstract?