For Students

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Are you a new student in linguistics?  First-timer at the LSA Annual Meeting?  Wondering how to present a successful abstract?
Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student (or no longer a student at all), going abroad brings multiple valuable opportunities to advance your education and career.  Check out the following starter packs of resources identified by the Center for School, College & Career Resources (CSCCR) for our LSA members:
Sociolinguist and director of the North Carolina Language and Life Project Walt Wolfram shares his experience and advice about using documentaries as a powerful tool to reach the public and dissiminate important empirical research findings on various linguistic issues.
Are you about to receive, or have you recently been awarded, a Ph.D?  Are you interested in independent, advanced training under the direction of a sponsor?  Looking to launch a career in academia, industry, the private sector, or government?  Then the LSA's August 6 webinar on "Applying for NSF Postdoctroral Research Fellowships" will be of interest!
Everyone wants their work to be read, cited, and shared. With the proliferation of paper sharing sites and resources, how do you know where to start and which ones are the best? And what do you need to know about copyright to avoid those take-down notices? Join Lauren B.