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by Morris HalleIdentifying WordsWhen we speak we say words and when spoken to we hear words. In normal discourse, however, we do not separate---the---words---by---short---pauses, but rather run one word into the next. Yet in spite of this we still hear utterances as composed of discrete words. Why should that be so?
by William Bright When we talk about 'language', sometimes we mean speech (spoken language), sometimes writing (written language). How are they different? Of course, speech is spoken and heard, while writing is written and read. But there are many other differences:
To study linguistics is to gain a greater understanding of a fundamental part of what it means to be human. Linguistics is a scientific field and an academic discipline that has both theoretical and practical applications.
Drafted by Geoff Nunberg 28 December 1986: Approved by members attending the 61st Annual Business Meeting, New York Hilton, New York, NY 1 July 1987: Adopted by LSA membership in a mail ballot Whereas several states have recently passed measures making English their "official state language," and
by Edward Finegan
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