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The Five-Minute Linguist is a high-profile contest during which selected speakers are judged on their ability to present their research in a brief but informative way. These five-minute presentations are lively and engaging, delivered without notes on a stage without a podium, with audiovisual effects of the speaker’s choosing.
Year Date City Program 2018  4-7 Jan Salt Lake City, UT Business Meeting Minutes (PDF)
The intersection between linguistics and public policy is manifold. There are at least three corners of the intersection:
Check out the 5th edition of this LSA Report, including the most recent data available for 2017, plus first-time data on LBGTQ+ demographics for the LSA membership, and longitudinal charts covering all five years of the survey period.
The LSA is making greater efforts to record programming conducted via the Annual Meeting Sessions, Linguistic Institute Workshops and Lectures, and Webinars produced in collaboration with LSA Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including the Linguistics Beyond Academia SIG.  Below you can find a list of audi
Note: This Issue Brief is also available as a printer-friendly PDF on LSA letterhead, suitable for distribution to policy-makers and other audiences.