Welcome to the LSA Directory of Linguistics Departments and Programs. Users may search the directory using the four query fields found below, or browse the programs at institutions organized by alphabetical order. Within each directory listing, programs and departments may provide data on: the types of program specializations offered; the number of undergraduate and graduate student enrollees; degrees awarded; number and type of faculty; along with demographic data on gender and ethnicity for both students and faculty.

Each linguistics program/department is asked to register an official departmental contact with the LSA Secretariat. To register, locate the listing for your program or department below and open it to view the current information. (Please note: if you do not see the name of your institution listed, please contact the LSA Secretariat to have it added.) Near the bottom of the listing, click on the field that says "Register as a departmental contact." An automated e-mail with your request will be sent to the LSA Secretariat. Once approved, this individual will have the right to edit program data. To access your departmental profile, you must first be logged in with your account. From your profile page, you cann access your department's profile from the 'My Programs' tab. When editing program data, be sure to save your changes in each section of the directory. This edited information will then be visible to any viewer of the program directory.

In addition to the entries for individual programs/departments, the LSA produces an annual report on the "State of Linguistics in Higher Education," based on the data provided within the directory. The first such report was issued in January 2014.

Please address questions about the directory and how your program/department can register by contacting the LSA Secretariat.

Institution Program/Department Namesort descending
RIT-National Technical Institute for the Deaf American Sign Language and Interpreting Education
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Applied Language and Speech Sciences PhD
Old Dominion University Applied Linguistics
Northern Arizona University Applied Linguistics
Dallas International University Applied Linguistics
Texas Tech University Applied Linguistics and Second Language Studies
University of Massachusetts at Boston Applied Linguistics, PhD Program
University of Alabama Applied Linguistics/TESOL
Arcadia University Arcadia University - Linguistics
University of Georgia Artificial Intelligence Center
Trinity Western University Canada Institute of Linguistics
University of California, Merced Cognitive & Information Sciences
Wellesley College Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Program
Case Western Reserve University Cognitive Science
University of Oxford Comparative Philology, Linguistics and Phonetics
Academia Sinica Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing
Iowa State University Crossdisciplinary Program in Linguistics
Université du Québec à Montréal Département de linguistique
Sonoma State University Department of Anthropology & Linguistics
Brock University Department of Applied Language Studies
Portland State University Department of Applied Linguistics
Biola University Department of Applied Linguistics & TESOL
University of London Department of Applied Lingustics and Communication
Concordia University Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Johns Hopkins University Department of Cognitive Science
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Department of Communication
University of California, Riverside Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages
Illinois State University Department of English
University of Nebraska at Lincoln Department of English
University of Houston Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of English
University of Nevada, Reno Department of English
Truman State University Department of English & Linguistics
Metropolitan State College of Denver Department of English, Linguistics Program
Cedarville University Department of English, Literature and Modern Languages
Barnard College Department of German
Bryn Mawr College Department of German
University of Regina Department of Indian Languages, Literature & Linguistics
University of California, Irvine Department of Language Science
University of Texas at El Paso Department of Languages & Linguistics
La Trobe University Department of Languages & Linguistics
Florida Atlantic University Department of Languages, Linguistics & Comparative Literature
University of Saskatchewan Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies
York University Department of Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics
State University of New York at Stony Brook Department of Linguistics
University of California, Davis Department of Linguistics
University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Linguistics
University of California, Los Angeles Department of Linguistics
University of Alberta Department of Linguistics
Gallaudet University Department of Linguistics