The Program Committee has announced the full slate of plenary speakers for the 2023 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Ashwini Deo Ashwini Deo is a Professor of Linguistics at The University of Texas at Austin. Her main research interest is in systematic semantic change phenomena, particularly in the ways in which functional morphemes such as tense-aspect, negation, possession markers change over time. Within semantics and pragmatics, she also works on synchronic phenomena in the domains of aspect, temporal reference, the lexical semantics of verbs, and discourse particles. Her empirical focus is on the Indo-Aryan languages, which are spoken in much of South Asia, and which provide us with a diachronic linguistic record of over 3000 years.
Alec Marantz

Alec Marantz is Silver Professor of Linguistics and Psychology at New York University. He is an accomplished researcher in the fields of syntax, morphology, and neurolinguistics, having authored numerous influential publications in all three fields. He is well known within generative linguistics as one of the co-founders of the theory of Distributed Morphology, developed in collaboration with Morris Halle over the 1990s and early 2000s.

Donna Jo Napoli Donna Jo Napoli is Professor of Linguistics and Social Justice and Maurice Eldridge Fellow at Swarthmore College.  Her current research, conducted most often with collaborators, is largely on modality effects, such as how iconicity is pertinent to the syntax/semantics interface and how biomechanics affects the lexicon and enlightens us about diachronic change.  She is presently studying how considerations of visual perception affect movement choices within the frozen and productive lexicon across sign languages .  She is on a team that works to protect deaf children's right to language, and she is engaged in developing materials to encourage shared reading between deaf children and their parents.  She is also a writer of children’s and young adult fiction.