Alice Harris at the British Academy
Alice Harris is inducted into the British Academy

Three LSA members—David Adger, Anne Cutler, and Alice Harris—were recently installed as Fellows of the British Academy (BA). Although elected in 2020, their installation had been postponed until recently because of Covid-19.  Dr. Adger is a citizen of the UK, and Dr. Harris and Dr. Cutler were elected as Corresponding (foreign) Fellows. The full list of inductees for 2020 is available online.

According to the British Academy, Fellows are:  “... scholars who have ‘attained distinction in any of the branches of study which it is the object of the Academy to promote’ – ie, the humanities and the social sciences. Election is a mark of distinction, as only a very small number of scholars in any field are elected. Scholars must be habitually resident in the UK at the time of election.”

The ceremony was introduced by the president of the BA, Julia Black, and presented by the two vice presidents, one of whom, Aditi Lahiri, is an Honorary Member of the LSA [pictured at left in the photo]. In addition to this honor, Dr. Harris is a fellow and a past President of the LSA.