Two bills are currently pending in Congress that would enhance and expand support for Native American Language Revitalization. This past Spring, the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs introduced two acts that represented ongoing efforts of many legislators and communities across the country. One (S. 989 The Native American Language Resource Center Act) authorizes the creation and support of a resource center with the goal of aiding in the education and maintenance of Native American languages, while the other (S 1402 The Durbin Feeling Native American Languages Act) authorizes the evaluation of existing legislative efforts to promote language preservation and maintenance. 

LSA members on Capitol Hill in better days

We are pleased to report that the bills passed in the Committee in August, and are now expected to progress through Congress. In the coming months, the LSA will be monitoring the bills' progress and plan to partner with the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) to campaign in favor of these important steps for Native American Language education and revitalization. Please look for announcements in upcoming LSA Updates and on the LSA social media accounts for opportunities to participate in an effort to contact members of Congress and advocate in favor of these bills!

To learn more about the bills and their impact, please visit the LSA's Public Policy page or read a report prepared by the JNCL. To sign up for the LSA’s policy alerts, please complete this form.