The LSA Executive Committe adopted a Statement on the Scholarly Merit and Evaluation of Open Scholarship in Linguistics at its Spring meeting held earlier this month. The statement was prepared by the LSA's Committee on Scholarly Communication in Linguistics (CoSCiL) and reflects a year-long effort to gather input from LSA members and the linguistics community. As noted by CoSCiL Chair Lauren Collister (University of Pittsburgh), the statement "affirms what many of us know, which is that the discipline of linguistics thrives with the use and sharing of research and teaching resources. From free, open source software to shared data repositories, preprints, and teaching materials, linguists have long built and used tools and resources that are shared openly. While our discipline celebrates this work, often times it is difficult for linguists who do Open Scholarship to receive the institutional credit that they deserve for their work that benefits our entire field. It is our hope that this Statement will be used by linguists who do Open Scholarship as well as their chairs and evaluation committees as a tool to contextualize Open Scholarship as important to the discipline.”