On March 19, 2021 the Officers of the LSA issued the following statement in response to the recent wave of anti-Asian violence and xenophobia in the U.S., and in particular to the horrific shootings in Atlanta earlier this week.

Words Matter: The Linguistic Society of America Condemns Anti-Asian violence

We write in sorrow and anger at the senseless loss of life and the exponential growth in violence against Asian and Asian American people. As officers of the Linguistic Society of America, we have witnessed the escalation of racist rhetoric that has culminated in the horrific murders of women of Asian descent. We recognize the anger deeply felt by many, and particularly by Asian and Asian American colleagues, students, and neighbors who feel a heightened sense of betrayal, vulnerability, and outrage. Recognizing the importance of challenging racism and xenophobia in all their forms, we reaffirm the LSA Statement on Race. As linguists, we commit ourselves to marshaling our research and knowledge to overcome violence, prejudice, and hatred and help create a more inclusive, diverse, and just community.

The Officers of the LSA:

John Baugh, Vice President/President-Elect

Laurence Horn, President

Marianne Mithun, Immediate Past President

Lenore Grenoble, Secretary-Treasurer

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