Two of the LSA's open committees have recently received approval from the LSA Executive Committee to change their names.  In each case, the new name more accurately reflects the focus of the committee's work as it has evolved over the years.

The committee formerly known as COSWL (the Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics) is now known as COGEL (the Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics, pronounced "kɑgl").  This change acknowledges that gender is not binary; that the original intent of the committee was to spotlight the status of the set of underprivileged genders; and that the new name of the committee should explicity signal inclusion of this set of underprivileged genders. To help ensure that the enormous contributions of COSWL since its inception in 1974 are not erased, the committee will be referred to as "COGEL (formerly COSWL)" wherever possible.

LiSC (formerly the Committee on Language in the School Curriculum) is now known as the Linguistics in the School Curriculum Committee.  The committee's acronym has not changed.  The name more accurately reflects the committee's  primary focus on linguistics (including language) in the K-12 curriculum.