The LSA is delighted to announce the following awards for 2021.  Additional awards will be announced as determinations are made.  Recipients will be recognized at a virtual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, January 13 from 5;00 - 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

Leonard Bloomfield Book Award: John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik, Allison Benner and Lise Crevier-Buchman (pictured at right, clockwise from upper left), Voice Quality: The Laryngeal Articulator Model (Cambridge University Press)

Esling, Moisik, Benner and Crevier-Buchman’s Voice Quality presents a groundbreaking analysis of the phonetics of the lower vocal tract and traces the extraordinary breadth of its consequences.  Their Laryngeal Articulator Model draws on a wide variety of instrumental observations and computational simulations to provide a comprehensive model of voice quality and other laryngeal articulations, supported by a wealth of videos and sound files available online*. The authors provide a sound theoretical basis for not only the phonological realization of laryngeal articulation but also its emergence from infant vocalizations, its exploitation for paralinguistic communication including individual voice quality, accent, speech and vocal song styles in many cultures, the analysis and treatment of clinical disorders of the lower vocal tract, and its role in sound change and phylogeny.  




The Excellence in Community Linguistics Award recognizes the outstanding contributions that members of language communities (typically outside the academic sphere of professional linguists) make for the benefit of their community’s language.  In 2021, the award will be given to Chikari Tisso, a native speaker and language activist of the Karbi language of Northeast India. He has been both documenting the traditional language, and developing the modern language, in particular through publishing books and articles, and audio/video-recording knowledgeable community members. Tisso has extensively served the Karbi Lammet Amei (Karbi Literary Organization) and co-founded the Centre for Karbi Studies. He was the primary Karbi collaborator for 'A grammar of Karbi' (2015 Association for Linguistic Typology Panini Award). Currently Tisso is documenting the Karbi song language and traditional lullabies, while also focusing on Karbi lexicology, both to edit a comprehensive dictionary of the Karbi language and as Chief Editor of a Multilingual Dictionary project (involving 8 indigenous community languages of the region).




The Student Abstract Award is given to the top three abstracts submitted for the LSA Annual Meeting that are authored solely by students.  All student-authored abstracts submitted are automatically considered for this award.  In 2021, the award will be given to (pictured at left, clockwise from upper left):

First place:  Hironori Katsuda (University of Caifornia, Los Angeles) and Jeremy Steffman (Universtiy of California, Los Angeles):  The role of segment and pitch accent in Japanese spoken word recognition.

Second place: Shannon Bryant (Harvard University): Evidence from Oromo on the typology of complementation strategies

Third place: Maura O'Leary (University of California, Los Angeles) and Richard Stockwell (University of California, Los Angeles): Skills-based grading: a novel approach to teaching formal semantics