The Dynamic Language Infrastructure – Documenting Endangered Languages (DLI-DEL) Fellowships are offered as part of a joint, multi-year funding program of NEH and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and advance scientific and scholarly knowledge concerning endangered human languages. The application has been streamlined and consists of three pages, in contrast ot the previous twenty-page application. 

Addressing the imminent loss of linguistic knowledge is a major concern and a priority for both agencies. The broad range of human languages are vital for understanding human behavior and cognition, but roughly half of the world's seven thousand languages are endangered and at risk of extinction. These endangered languages constitute an irreplaceable resource, not only for the communities who speak them, but also for scientists and scholars.

DLI-DEL Fellowships support individuals who are junior or senior linguists, linguistic anthropologists, and sociolinguists to conduct research on one or more endangered or moribund languages. DLI-DEL Fellowships prioritize scholarly analysis and publication, including but not limited to lexicons, grammars, databases, peer-reviewed articles, and monographs. Awards also support fieldwork and other activities relevant to digital recording, documenting, and sustainable archiving of endangered languages.

For projects involving collaborating scholars affiliated with an eligible institution, project directors should consider applying for a Senior Research Grant through the DLI-DEL program offered by NSF in collaboration with NEH’s Division of Preservation & Access.

A pre-application webinar DLI-DEL Fellowships: What's New and Application Tips will be held on August 31, 2:00 PM, EDT. Please register at Closed captioning is available.