The LSA would like to congratulate four members, Jennifer Cole (Northwestern University), Suzanne Flynn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Allard Jongman (University of Kansas), and Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University) for being elected as

fellows to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Elected by peers on those serving on the council of AAAS, they are recognized for their distinguished contribuitions to the field of linguistics.

Jennifer Cole is a professor in the Department of Linguistics at Northwestern University and is recognized as a phonologist making invaluable contributions to the understanding of prosody and intonation. (pictured top left of photo)

Suzanne Flynn is a professor of lingusitics and language acquisition at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Professor Flynn is a leading researcher on syntax acquisition of children and adults in bilingual, second, and third language contexts. 

Allard Jongman is a professor of lingusitics at the University of Kansas recognized for his contributions to the field of speech science, using crosslinguistic and acoustic and behavioral methods for understanding phonetic properties of language.  

Dan Jurafsky is a professor and Chair at the Department of Linguistics, as well as a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Jurafsky is recognized for his contributions to computational lingustics, more speicifically his use of computational methods to study text, speech, and statistical natural language processing. 

Individual institution announcements can be read for Cole (pictured top left), Flynn (pictured top right), Jongman (pictured bottom right), Jurafsky (pictured bottom left), while the AAAS announcement can be found here