In the voting which concluded on November 2, the following were elected to office in the LSA, effective at the end of the 2020 Annual Meeting:

Vice President/President-Elect: Laurence Horn (Yale University, Emeritus) will serve a three-year term on the LSA's Executive Committee -- the first year as Vice President, the second as President, and the third as Past President.

Clockwise from upper left: Beavers, Bloomquist, Horn, Kennedy.

At-large members of the Executive Committee:  Jennifer Bloomquist (Gettysburg College) and Chris Kennedy (University of Chicago) will serve three-year terms as at-large members of the Executive Committee.

Co-Editor of Language:  John Beavers (The University of Texas at Austin) will serve a three year term as Co-Editor of the LSA's flagship journal, followed by a three-year term as Editor. 

In addition, two amendments to the Bylaws of the LSA passed, one changing service on an LSA open committee from three years to an unspecified "multi-year" term, and one allowing for the Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (COSIAC), in common with other LSA open committees, to elect a chair from among its rank-and-file membership.  These amendments will take effect immediately. 

The LSA most sincerely thanks departing Executive Committee members Penelope Eckert and Alan Yu and Co-Editor of Language Megan Crowhurst for their service. 

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