The LSA is pleased to announce the publication of the newest title in its book series partnership with Routledge: Bilingualism, by Shahrzad Mahootian. A portion of royalties from the sale of this book benefit the LSA. Order your copy today

Bilingualism provides a concise and lively introduction to bilingualism as a social and linguistic phenomenon and explains its impact on individuals and on society. Addressing questions such as what it means to be bilingual, how one becomes bilingual, and how exposure to more than one language affects a child’s cognitive development, this book features:

  • an introduction to the linguistic, sociolinguistic, and cognitive outcomes of bilingualism, including bilingual language acquisition the grammar of language-mixing, the link between language choice and identity, and the value of maintaining and promoting bilingualism;
  • up-to-date overviews of the prominent concerns and facts about bilingualism;
  • activities and discussion questions which invite readers to consider their own perspectives on bilingualism and how it manifests in their own lives and communities;
  • links to relevant videos and suggested further reading, including topical novels, short stories, and essays.

Aimed at students with no background in linguistics, this book is essential reading for anyone studying bilingualism for the first time.