The LSA is delighted to announce that its Executive Committee has recently approved the establishment of a new Committee on LGBTQ+ [Z] Issues in Linguistics (COZIL).  The committee is an outgrowth of the LSA Special Interest Group (SIG) on the same topic.  The "Z" in the committee's name refers to the collective LGBTQ+ community.

In much the same way that the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics (CEDL) and the Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics (COGEL, formerly COSWL) do for ethnic/racial minorities and women, respectively, the purpose of this Committee is to promote and represent LGBTQ+ individuals, their voices, and their work within the Society. It creates a platform for community and enriches the LSA through the diversity of its opinions. Along with CEDL and COSWL, this Committee works toward a true intersectionality of voices and identities within the LSA.

The committee's chair is Tyler Kibbey (University of Kentucky), pictured here at right.  Read more about the new committee, its charge and responsibilities, and see how to join it.