The LSA is delighted to announce an addition to its roster of Honors and Awards: the LSA Mentoring Award.  Instituted in 2019, this award recognizes the work of individuals who, or organizations that, have exhibited a sustained commitment to mentoring linguists.  Specific types of mentoring to be considered include assisting mentees to present and publish their work, and to find financial aid;  providing career guidance;  providing support, encouragement, and essential strategies for life in the linguistics community; and demonstrating continued interest in the mentee’s professional advancement.  Particular emphasis will be placed, when considering nominations, on mentoring a diverse pool of mentees; sustained mentoring efforts over many years; and mentoring of early career linguists.

The first Mentoring Award will be given at the LSA's 2020 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the January 4 Awards Ceremony.  Nominations for the award are welcome from any LSA member.  A preliminary nomination consisting of the nominee's name, CV (for individuals), and/or website URL, must be submitted here no later than August 1, 2019.  A final nomination, consisting of a nomination form and and a brief citation that can be read at the presentation of the award, must be submitted at the same link by September 1, 2019.

Any individual -- regardless of LSA membership status -- or organization meeting the nomination criteria is eligible for the Mentoring Award.  .

Read more about the Mentoring Award here.