We are delighted to announce that the LSA Executive Committee has approved a final version of the LSA Statement on Race, incorporating comments from LSA members and other interested parties. 

View the LSA's Statement on Race here.  While this is a "final" statement, we recognize that it is a living document as dialog continues around this topic.  LSA members can leave comments using the "Add new comment" field at the bottom of the Statement on Race.

The LSA wishes to thank, in particular, Anne H. Charity Hudley (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Christine Mallinson (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) for their work in drafting the Statement on Race, and LSA members Mary Bucholtz (University of California, Santa Barbara), Nelson Flores (University of Pennsylvania), Nicole Holliday (Pomona College), Elaine Chun (University of South Carolina), Arthur Spears (The City University of New York), and Wesley Y. Leonard (University of California, Riverside) for their contributions. 

Pictured at right:  Some of the winners of the 2019 CEDL Diversity Travel Awards