Tyler Kibbey pictured furthest to the right

The LSA is proud to announce that Tyler Kibbey, Co-convener of the LSA Special Interest Group on LGBTQ+ Issues in Linguistics and graduate student at the University of Kentucky, has received the Academic Advancement Award from the Tennessee LGBT+ College Conference.

The Academic Advancement Award recognizes prominent Tennessee activists who have advanced LGBTQ+ issues in academia. Specifically, Tyler was recognized for his research on anti-LGBTQ+ religious language, his programming work at the University of Tennessee and the University of Kentucky, and his organizational work at the Linguistic Society of America in founding and co-convening the Special Interest Group on LGBTQ+ Issues in Linguistics.

Tyler is also an Affiliate and Fellow of the 2019 Summer Linguistics Institute at UC Davis, where he will be co-leading a workshop titled “Advancing LGBTQ+ Issues in Linguistics and Beyond: Outreach and Advocacy” with Lal Zimman (UC Santa Barbara).

If you are interested in LGBTQ+ perspectives in linguistics,Tyler is a host of one of the LSA's program of webinars on professional development topics, called LGBTQ+ Perspectives in Linguistics. Click here for more information.