We are delighted to announce the recipients of fellowships to attend the LSA's 2019 Linguistic Institute at the University of California, Davis. The LSA administers the competitive applications for Institute Fellowships. In addition to many fellowships covering tuition, several Named Fellowships provide additional support.

The Named Fellows are:

Bernard and Julia Bloch Fellow

Wunetu Tarrant (University of Arizona)
The Bloch Fellow also serves as the Chair of the LSA's Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (COSIAC).  In that capacity, the COSIAC Chair plays a central role in organizing student-centered activity at the Annual Meeting. 

Charles Fillmore Fellow

Russell Simonsen (University of Minnesota)
The fellowship is to be awarded to a student specializing in one of the following subfields: corpus linguistics, semantics, construction grammar, frame semantics, or computational linguistics. Preference is given to applicants from the University of Minnesota, where Fillmore received his BA in Linguistics.

Yuki Kuroda Fellow

Morine Kondo (University of Tokyo)
This fellowship is reserved for linguistics students from Japan. Preference will be given to Japanese who haven't yet started a graduate program in linguistics in the US.

Ivan Sag Linguistic Institute Fellow

Kang (Franco) Liu (Pomona College)
The Ivan A. Sag Institute Fellowship is for an exceptionally promising linguist, and with the expectation that the Sag Fellow will go beyond the normal Institute participation, exercising the kind of inclusiveness, generosity and energy that made Ivan who he was.

Ken Hale Student Fellow

José Armando Fernández Guerrero (University of California, San Diego)
The Fellowship is awarded to a student who is pursuing a course of study to document endangered languages and work with communities toward their preservation. 

James McCawley Fellow

Mia Gong (Cornell University)
The James McCawley Fellowship is made possible through contributions to the James McCawley Memorial Fund, established in 1999. One fellowship is available for either a graduate student from the University of Chicago, or a graduate student from an Asian country.

Congratulations to the following students, who were awarded a Linguistic Institute fellowship:

Sara Benham (University of Texas at Dallas)

Richard Bibbs (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Jarred Brewster (University of Kentucky)

Danielle Burgess (University of Michigan)

Lauretta Cheng (University of Michigan)

Benjamin Eischens (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Lewis Esposito (Stanford University)

Jing Gao (Cornell University)

Kaylynn Gunter (University of Oregon)

Tess Hudson (McMaster University)


Nina Hagen Kaldhol (University of California, San Diego)
Photo Credit: Christina Knerr Frink

Tyler Kibbey (University of Kentucky)

Roger Yu-Hsiang Lo (University of British Columbia)

Bryce McCleary (Oklahoma State University)

deandre miles-hercules (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Chu Paing (University of Colorado Boulder)

Victoria Pinkston (University of South Carolina)

Ruth Rouvier (University of California, Berkeley)

Hagyeong Shin (San Diego State University)

Etienne Soboleff (Seattle Pacific University)

Michinori Suzuki (International Christian University)

Chase Wheatley (Oklahoma State University)