The LSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Organizing Committee for the Workshop on Turkic and languages in contact with Turkic (Tu+) to publish their conference proceedings.  The LSA's role as publisher will begin with the fourth volume of the Tu+ Proceedings; the first three volumes are available as follows: Volume 1 [pdf]; Volume 2; and Volume 3

The mission of the Tu+ Proceedings is to publish a wide range of current research in open access format in the field of general linguistics of Turkic languages and languages in contact with Turkic, with a focus on underrepresented languages that may not have a venue of their own. All subfields of linguistics are represented, including phonology, phonetics, semantics, syntax, sociolinguistics and typology, using theoretical approaches, experimental methods, corpus work and fieldwork. The papers are developed from presentations at the Tu+ annual meeting, held at a different institution each year, which attracts international participation.

The LSA welcomes proposals from other linguistic conferences to serve as the publisher of their proceedings. More information can be found here.