The Linguistic Society of America congratulates the members of the panel "New Directions in LGBTQ+ Linguistics: Commemorating the LSA Special Interest Group on LGBTQ+ Issues in Linguistics", which has been awarded an Interdisciplinary Public Engagement Award from the Society of Linguistic Anthropology.  The SLA will provide a total of $2500 travel funding for LSA's 2019 Annual Meeting, where the panel will occur.  The panel is co-organized by Tyler Kibbey and Rusty Barrett, Co-Conveners of the Special Interest Group on LGTBQ+ Issues in Linguistics, and will cover topics including two-spirit language usage, cissexism in sociolinguistic research, and conceptualizations of gender theo-political ideologies. The Panel will include the following papers:

  • "Can the Speakers of Indigenous Languages be Queer?: Reconciling Two-Spirit Language Usage and Linguistic Representation," Jenny Davis (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • "Trans(itive) Gendering," Kirby Conrod (University of Washington)
  • "Engendering the Voice: Biological Determinism, Trans Exclusion, and Cissexism in (Socio)Linguistic Research," Lal Zimman, (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • "Examining the Use of Power-Based Language to (De)Construct Heteronormative Gendered Identities," Brianna Cornelius (University of South Carolina)
  • "Negotiating Gender and Power Through the Situated Control of Vocal Pitch," Chantal Gratton (Stanford University)
  • "Gender in Sociolinguistic Variation Beyond the Binary," Jeremy Calder (University of Colorado Boulder) and Ariana Steele (The Ohio State University)
  • "The Queer Reformation and Its Dissidents: Metaphors of Gender and Sexuality in Tennessee Theo-Political Ideology," Tyler Kibbey (University of Kentucky)

Please join us in congratulating Tyler Kibbey, Rusty Barrett, and all the members of the panel!