The LSA is pleased to announce the finalists for the Third Annual Five-minute Linguist event to be held at the 2019 Annual Meeting!  The Five-minute Linguist presentations must be done without notes or a podium and they must be informative, engaging, and accessible to a non-specialist audience.  Over the past three years this has become one of the most popular events at our annual meeting; join us this year for these dynamic presentations.  This year's finalists are:

  • Michelle Cohn (University of California, Davis): Phonologically motivated phonetic repair strategies in Siri- and human-directed speech
  • Andrew Cheng (University of California, Berkeley): Style-shifting, Bilingualism, and the Koreatown Accent
  • Kristin Denlinger (University of Texas, Austin) & Michael Everdell (University of Texas, Austin): A Mereological Approach to Reduplicated Resultatives in O’dam
  • Jessi Grieser (University of Tennessee): Talking Place, Speaking Race: Topic-based style shifting in African American Language as an expression of place identity
  • Kate Mesh (University of Haifa): Gaze decouples from pointing as a result of grammaticalization: Evidence from Israeli Sign Language
  • Jennifer Schechter (University at Buffalo): What Donald Trump's 'thoughts' reveal: An acoustic analysis of 45's coffee vowel
  • Ai Taniguchi (Carleton University): Why we say stuff
  • Bruno Ferenc Segedin (University of California, Davis) & Georgia Zellou (University of California, Davis): Lexical frequency mediates compensation for coarticulation: Are the seeds of sound change word-specific?


  • Kirby Conrod (University of Washington): Changes in Singular "they"
  • Laura Horton (University of Chicago): Sign Form Convergence: Sources of Formal Similarity in Emergent Sign Systems
  • Nikole Patson (Ohio State University): Does the plural always mean more than one?

Each participant will be given five minutes for a presentation that will receive constructive, friendly feedback from a panel of judges. The final judging will be done by the audience and a judging panel including journalists.  The event will be emceed by LSA member John McWhorter.

Watch the video from the 2017 and 2018 editions of Five-minute Linguist.