Calling all early career linguists!

The LSA is in the process of developing a series of mentoring webinars to support new and soon-to-be faculty as well as linguists in transition and outside of academia. Please help us gauge interest in a set of potential topics and share your own ideas in this brief survey.

Some of the topics being currently considered are broader than others and we welcome your thoughts on how to narrow them down so they are of most benefit to you:

  • Course design and teaching controversial topics in linguistics
  • Service opportunities: which ones are good for you and when
  • Work-life balance. health and wellness
  • Building your competitive edge (for awards & recognition)
  • Building web presence
  • Writing routine and motivators
  • How to be a good mentor
  • Keeping up with pedagogical and technological innovations
  • Diversity and intersectionality
  • How to prepare your tenure file
  • How to run a lab
  • Other

Please take a minute to share your preferences and ideas!

And while we work on preparing these webinars, feel free to visit the LSA Resource Hub to browse resources already available to you.