The LSA is pleased to announce the formation of Phonological Data and Analysis (PDA). The LSA Executive Committee has appointed Gene Buckley (UPenn), Megan Crowhurst (UTexas-Austin), Matthew Gordon (UCSB) and Kie Zuraw (UCLA) to serve as the Editors for this newest LSA journal. The journal’s main mission is to publish articles that are particularly rich in primary, substantive data. Appropriate submissions will use elaborated data sets to document sound patterns in individual languages, with or without a formal analysis; or draw typological conclusions from a carefully assembled cross-linguistic database; or explore probabilistic generalizations in corpora; or examine and elucidate the assumptions of phonological theories; or test phonological predictions with computational models or experimental methods. PDA will also publish stand-alone data sets to be used as standard phonology problems. The journal is a successor to the PA (Phonological Analysis) online section of Language which will conclude its publication cycle in 2019. PDA is open for business and ready for submissions now. To learn more about the journal, visit its website.